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EFTY is a public, non-profit,
faith-based, academia, and media consortium.

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Amplifying Positivity in Our Youth

“There is nothing you keep, there is only a reflection.” EFTY promises to bring forth leaders and mentors who wish to help youngsters develop a sense of diligence in life. Through our partners and collaborations, we wish to bring forth a network that focuses on mental, physical, spiritual, and social capacities of people working with us. We understand how important it is for every youngster to realize that growth and hard work is a constant in life. EFTY aims to build a consortium utilizing the financial literacy and wealth creation, enabling us to develop a platform that stands for the virtues and ethics we believe in. We aim to create a platform that helps youngsters find opportunities that will change their lives. EFTY believes in you!


Believe in yourself, we believe in you!


Together we can make this world
a better place to live in!

How can EFTY shape your tomorrow?

Empire for the Youth (EFTY) is a nonprofit, faith-based consortium that supports youth in developing the ability to assess their own strengths and weaknesses so as to set their professional and personal goals with confidence, self-esteem, motivation, etc., to carry them out.

EFTY doesn’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach; instead, we mentor every young individual while  identifying and honing their skillset. We train youth to become to leaders of tomorrow and dynamic managers, advocates and mentors who will continue our teaching for generations to come.

Our youth leadership program offers comprehensive training that prepares youth to work in a team, manage their time, start conversations, set goals, and facilitate meetings while making impressive presentations. These are positive life skills geared to make our youth successful, transforming them into emerging leaders.

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Defining Our Youth Leadership Training

Our youth leaders training is designed to motivates the youth while reinforcing humility, diligence, temperance, charity, patience and kindness. We understand that young people become effective leaders when they are led by example; this exactly what we are doing. EFTY leads by example and so youth having undergone our leadership training program are easily recognized in a crowd: they are trained to act with humility in every situation.

Youth leadership training allows us to connect with even the most troublesome youngsters, making them aware of the skills they have and their leadership potential. Not everyone feels comfortable while speaking at an event or leading a meeting, but they can certainly talk to mentors about a project that they have to display at school or in the community. We will be the ones steering you in the right direction so you can realize your hidden potential and aim for the stars.

Humility & Diligence

Never give up on your dreams, believe in yourself.

Temperance & Charity

Live for others and life shall be blessed.

Patience & Kindness

Practice empathy in life for the well-being of mankind.

Why Choose Us

EFTY stands firm in what we believe. We believe that with the appropriate guidance and mentorship, youngster can achieve more in life. EFTY not only helps youngsters learn innovative skills but also help them with their career. We make sure that they realize the importance of having a clear path in their careers. EFTY focuses on bringing the best out of their students. We will always be here for you, regardless. Our partners and collaborations enable us to offer our students opportunities that will shape their career and change their lives forever.