EFTY, an public, nonprofit, faith-based,
academic and media partners consortium
EFTY, an public, nonprofit, faith-based, academic and media partners consortium and constituents serve to incubate mindful social change across all six leadership sectors.

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Through the collaborations and partnerships, we will open up avenues of employment for those individuals interested in educating the youth and the community. We seek to advance the mental, physical, spiritual and social capacity of the people we reach through this collaboration.
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Our Vision

Here at EFTY our focus is young students with desires of prac1cing excellence. We want to help develop young, independent, respecBul, and knowledgeable leaders so we can create a beDer environment and society for our future.

By joining EFTY, our aim is that we will supply scholars with the tools and knowledge to help structure and implement those posi1ve changes; not only in their home environments but also in the community as a whole. At EFTY, young adolescents will receive the following: teachings regarding life-skill core values, educa1onal and tutoring assistance, resource and networking development, survival and sustainability life skills, internship opportuni1es, as well as career development skills which will include the following but is not limited to: cooking, business, mechanical, computer programming, and health classes.

Camp objectives

1. Increase Academic Achievement through tutoring and hands on wri1ng ac1vi1es.
2. Provide Career Development through express vision wri1ng, career explora1on and
skill development.
3. Deliver Life Skill Training and Coaching to students through wri1ng and presen1ng by
focusing on guidance, personal empowerment and improvement in all aspects of their
4. Supply Mentoring Partnerships focusing on survival and sustainability skills essen1al for
overcoming adversity.

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EIN# 82-2768401

Funding dona1ons are 100% tax exempt with our 501c3 Status
Our goal is to raise funds to supply these camps for the students around
Detroit, Ypsilan1, and Ann Arbor Michigan.
This is includes:

• Daily snacks for the campers
• Materials for the camp
• Rental space for camp
• Staff compensa1on
• We will take the students on a college tour
• $200 scholarship for the top performing