EFTY had an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people who would work day and night to serve the people who need them. Thanks to the efforts put forward by our members and partners, we have now achieved what we dreamed to be impossible. Our community consists of people from all kinds of ethnic backgrounds, regardless of the nature of their work – they are always here when we need them.

EFTY community focuses on helping kids who have autism, people who are coping up with mental and physical disabilities, and elderly people of our society who feel helpless. We have different programs that we offer to people which enables them to start earning themselves. Moreover, EFTY conducts a weekly event called “People’s Appreciation Day” for their community. We value human life and we care for every single person out there.


Serving back the community

Our community has given so much to us; that’s why EFTY has promised to give back to the community. Through our community youth programs, we aim to reduce the gap between boomers andmillennials. We understand that these might not be the brightest of times but one step in the right direction is all it takes to serve your community.

EFTY offers community services in California which are designed to help the community at large. We hold food donation drives, feeding and sheltering the needy and afforestation.

Community social services

EFTY offers different social services that can help lift the community as a whole. We believe that working together and in the right direction can help achieve goals that an individual can’t. We aim to educate, feed and shelter the less fortunate people, so there is peace and harmony among the community. Our educated youth leaders never shy away from teaching life skills to new members of the community. We aim to keep the environment of the community

Our team has some of the most prominent youth leaders and healthy by recycling plastic waste, green plantation drives and other social services. Public speakers who prove to you that everything can be achieved if we put our minds to it, health and wellness instructors who help you stay on the healthy side of life and to live long without any permanent illness, etc. EFTY encourages practicing a healthy lifestyle; which will help you focus on the things that require your undivided attention.


Community service programs

EFTY has different community service programs keeping the needs of our community in mind. We have open speaking sessions where the youth leaders speak and tackle concerns while their elders patiently and calmly listen to them. Our health and wellness training sessions are designed to keep you healthy, so you don’t miss out on any of the gifts that life offers you.