EFTY’s health training services

Most people often take health and wellness for granted, but this is precisely the mindset that Empire for the Youth (EFTY) aims to change. The core of our wellness program is behavior change. With the right tools, skills, social support, motivation and education, people can and do change their behavior – especially when they’re young and impressionable. Our wellness training programs are aimed at assisting people in adopting and maintaining healthy behaviors. This is probably the most significant benefit of having a health and wellness coach.


What our health and wellness coach aims to do

Our wellness programs aim to improve the lives and wellbeing of people by encouraging them to stop smoking, lose weight or make other positive lifestyle changes. Some of the examples of wellness initiatives include subsidized use of fitness facilities, health education and internal programs that promote healthy behavior. People from all walks of life had joined our wellness program when they were at their weakest. In a short amount of time, they’ve overcome some of their greatest fears and healthcare concerns, transforming them into healthier individuals ready to become productive members of society

The essence of EFTY’s wellness training

Educating our members on the significance and importance of wellness is critical to your overall wellbeing and success. When focused on serving the community, make sure you join a wellness program that expands your main ancillary and medical benefits. EFTY believes in providing health and wellness training to our members, allowing them to do good for themselves and the community at large. We know that members may not say it out loud, but they will appreciate the long-term benefits of our health and wellness training.