Motivational Speaking Engagements

The most memorable speeches praise, entertain, and inspire. By blending eloquence and stories, great speeches highlight core values to motivate an audience. You might need to give a speech for a eulogy, a keynote address, or simply a business meeting. While inspiring audiences is a common but difficult challenge, you want to deliver a speech that engages the audience and elevates the topic.

This is where Empire For The Youth (EFTY) comes in. EFTY offers a method for preparing and delivering speeches that entertain and inspire. By the end of our motivational training, you should be able to write and deliver speeches that use core values to move an audience through humor, storytelling, and evidence. You should also be able to write eloquent passages and deliver them in a tone appropriate to the occasion and audience. You will also be able to speak fluidly from either memory or a well-prepared outline


Becoming a motivational speaker is no longer a distant dream

Imagine yourself speaking on a platform in front of hundreds or even thousands of people. Your words motivate and inspire your audience to take positive actions and make changes. You can lead from the podium!

In our motivational speaking sessions, you’ll learn the fundamentals of how to structure a motivational speech and how to earn a living by giving motivational speeches or run a motivation speaking business. While everyone has a story to tell, not everyone has a compelling or interesting story to motivate other people from the podium. However, motivational speaking classes will guide you through the process of building a motivational speaking business, improving your speaking skills, developing your speech, and how to position yourself.

EFTY offers motivational training to motivation speakers aroud the planet. Why wait even a day more you can start sharing your message with others? Sign up for our motivational speaking classes today!