Below is the Information you’ll need to:

1) Sign up as a Shop Customer (FREE) where not only to where you’ll receive cash back on all your Online Shopping but most importantly a 100% of your spending will also go back the “Empire For The Youth” towards their Mission of inspiring today’s Youth.

( There’ll be 2 Seperate sites, Signing up on the one site will give you access to both.#1 which is the site giving you access to all of our over 3000  Partner Stores (Macy, JC Penny, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond,Rastelli Meats and Sea Food to name a few, These pay anywhere from a 2%-22% CASH BACK to You and a Commission back to EFTY) AND also our Shop Local ( All the Local shops and stores around your area you can access by simply entering in your Zip Code to receive CASH BACK on all you local purchases with Participating Shops and Stores. The #2 site is with this site you’ll have access to ALL Market

Americas Exclusive Branded Products, This Site is Our #1 Focus for “Empire For The Youth”, Since there are our Private Label Brands that bring in a HIGHER COMMISSION (50-80%) Let’s focus on Purchasing from Site #2 First , then what we can’t Purchase from the Exclusives Site will go to Site #1 our Partner Stores to make that Particular Purchase. Make Sense? Higher Commissions ,More Money that goes to Help EFTY!


Click on ONE of the TWO Links

In the UPPER RIGHT hand corner of the page where it says “SIGN IN” Click and and Create your Account ( AGAIN THIS IS A FREE SITE to earn CASH BACK on all your spending and Also Help Out EFTY!)

Where it says WHO REFERRED you to this site ENTER, Once you’ve done that you’re on your way!


Deborah takes you on a 11 minute Video Tour (Take Notes and or Stop and Pause and downsize your screen and go to your now Personal Shop Site.


In the Attachment below is the Digital Shopping List, What this will do is show you how to click onto products you are ALREADY using at home now on a daily, weekly basis and CONVERTING it to Shopping Annuity Brand Products (OUR EXCLUSIVE BRANDS PAYING A 50-80% COMMISSION)

So In Closing:

1) Sign up/Register your shop site

2) Watch 11 min Video Tour

3) Fill Out The Digital Shopping List (Print out/Save)

4) Shop on Exclusive Brand site FIRST

5) And what we can’t Purchase from our Exclusive site, purchase from Shop. com site.